You’re the best in your field. We’re the best in ours.

Place your trust in Canada’s most experienced investigations firm. Ensure that your workplace investigation is independent and impartial with Xpera.

For over 40 years we have presented sound, defensible investigative findings to corporate clients, law firms and general counsel, regulatory bodies, insurance sector clients, and government entities. Our private investigators have responded to thousands of incidents ranging from co-worker allegations of harassment and bullying, to theft, fraud, and other misconduct in the workplace.

Experience our value, quality, and impartiality, all handled with the utmost discretion.

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Violence
  • Discrimination
  • Bullying and Psychological Harassment
  • Canada Labour Code Investigations
  • Abuse of Authority
  • Conflict of Interest Violations
  • Code of Conduct Abuse
  • Policy Violations
  • Statutory Violations
  • Fraud and Financial Impropriety
  • Regulatory Body Violations (Legislation Breaches)
  • Consumer Practice Misconduct
  • Academic Misconduct
  • Other Misconduct

Throughout our investigation, complainants, respondents, and witnesses are treated with sensitivity, impartiality, and respect for their culture and rights.